Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interactive report Bug in Oracle APEX Development Tool

I had a  requirement to change the particular column name , In my interactive report i had just used the query

Select * from my_view


now i changed the table and view columns of "My_status"  to "Active_status" .

Select * from my_view ; is not giving me any kind of problem from the SQL Workshop .

but the same query which is there in the Interactive report is given me problem .
This was very .

I looked intot he Report source of the Intearctive Report and then typed the same query again .

"Select * from My_view "

when clicked on apply changes the screen shows me a message

My_status got changed to "Active_status" .

I am unable to find , what is the reason that , IR didnot recognize the change in the column unless i touched the source again , as "Select * form my_view" is working perfectly fine in SQL workshop hence i expect the same in IR too .

So strange ..what can be the reason behind it ???? any idea ... is that a bug in ORACLE APEX DEVELOPMENT TOOL ??????

Executing the PLSQL and calling Javascript on the same button

TO call a plsql procedure and then call the Javascript to close the current popup in the Oracle APEX.

You can leverage the functionality of Branch with PLSQL in Oracle APEX .

Just create a branch after all the plsql process are performed and write the java script inclosed in htp function as shown in the below screen shot .