Tuesday, November 23, 2010

APex installation in windows.

Orcale APEx installation is quite easy in windows.

Prerequisites one must have is

1) Oracel Database 10g ( or higher version or Oracle XE.

all these databases comes with prerequisites which are required for Oracle APEX.

Steps :-
1) Startup the database.

2) show parameter pfile

3) show Parameter shared_pool_size;

the u/p for teh above two commands are:-

SQL> show parameter pfile;

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
spfile string E:\11G\PRODUCT\11.1.0\DB_1\DAT
SQL> show parameter shared_pool_size;

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
shared_pool_size big integer 0

4)ALter system set shared_pool_size='100m' scope=spfile;

system altered .

5) if the system uses instilazation parameter set shared_pool_size='100mb'(atleast in initsid.ora).



Browser Requirment :-

IE 7.0 / Firefox 3.5 / google chrome 4.0 / apple safar 4.0 .

Http server Requirements :-

when choosen the 10g and above all comes default.

1) Application Express Listener

2) Embedded PLSQL gateway .

3) Oracle Http Server & Modplsql.

Disk Space Requirement :-

1) 1 GB HD.

2) Oracle Apex tbspace 185 MB.

3) Sys table space 100 MB.

4) Each Additional Long uage takes (75 mb ) of space extra .

Orcale XML DB requirment

If using the preconfigures database then this is alreday installed and configured.

Oracle Text Requirment :-

- for online help option in Apex

---by default comes with dB.

Installation Steps :-

SQL > @connect sys as sysdba

sql>@apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/


connect to db


To uninstall the apex


to configure teh apex


to disable the port used by apex


sql>EXEC DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT(8082); enable the http port of apex xdb with the given port no .

Now go to the brwoser and type

login to apex using the admin password u set when exceuting the
@apxchpwd command

create the Workspace .
Assign the schema to it .

Create users and assign it to workspace.

Note the Workspace can be created and any schema can be assigned to it .

EX:- if u r trying to use the EBS then the schema of EBS can be assigned to it .

The Default Workspace with which the Admin connects in the admin login page is the internal workspace .

and the user is admin by default.

The users can be created as Workspace Admin , developer.

Nandini Thakur.