Friday, October 15, 2010

I was told by mgr that i need to Oracle Apex, i started learning it , but i had to learn it myself as we had only one resource with minimum knowledge of it.
The days were on ...and i started learning it .

Oracle Apex 3.2 (Application Express) is the new technology by oracle , which is used for
developing the RAPID application. The tool was simple to understand.

The technologies which are required for this are :-

2)Java script

i wanted to do something which combines both Oracle and Java ,m and here is how my dream en i come true when i got into Oracle Fusion MiddleWare Team.

hmmm...though Oracle Apex is not part of FMW, but i got an oppurtunity to work on it.

One fine day , i was given a task, as i was new to this technology i was unaware of many things in , i search on forums atlast i posted it .

I got an reply from a person called "Shijesh".

hmmm i got an answer & my task was done. but again after certain days i faced the problem i searched for result , i got the List of ShijeshKumar blog.

Then i realised what are the diiferent things in apex and what all can be done.
I mailed him my query regarding ajax by using his email id on blog . He suggested me few things but i had never wrote the ajax program hence iu requested him to explain and tell me how to implement .I got the very positive reply from him.

I got an confidence to share my difficulties with him, thats how he responded to many of my queries .

Then on a project i had to move to Pune, there again i was struggling with the difficulty and then i had to search for his contact .

He had given a brief description of himself during a chat, then this clue made me to get his number theu one of my friend who is into same company.

Then he replied me . This is how he statred mentoring me . As it was my first project and welacked a senior resource , he mentored me so perfectly .He used to answer all my stupid questions and make them clear. There are many things i learnt from him .

He is b around 50 , but he just too good, cool , simple, settled.I have seen many common things among us .

One day i came to know that he is nor from developer background or Engineering Science
in his whole life time, he is just a consultant .

When i asked him how did u learn this , he said "I dont want developers to cheat him ,so he learnt".

He has tremedous positive waves in him that inspired me and was just there online or on a call moment i call him or ping online.

Then slowoly i described about mine and then abt his , i wasn't believing wt he said.
He said that