Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oracle APEX Licnesing and Multiple Oracle APEX Instances

Is Oracle APEX licensed ? 

Oracle APEX is absolute free in case you have a licensed Oracle Database (EE)  or with the Oracle DB XE version which has a limited free space .

Well Oracle 11g XE is the free version and comes with the  default Oracle APEX version 4.0 but you cannot use Oracle DB XE for the commerical use when data exceeds more then 4GB .

Oracle 11g EE which is licensed version comes with the Oracle APEX 3.1.2  version . Incase you wanna upgarde the Oracle APEX to higher version you need not have an licnese for it . You can directly download the latest version from OTN and upgrade it .

Can You install Two APEX  instance on the same database 
(with same or different version of apex ) ?
   You cannot install more than one instance of apex with the a database instance , as each database comes with a unique apex schema and its  related module to excute the apex packages   , you cannot install more than one .

Why the need of  Multiple Oracle APEX instance ?

1) A client may have few module which exsists on the different version of apex and still they want to continue with it , for example apex 3.2 .  In case they want to start the new module of the oracle apex with the latest version of apex  , on the same database , they actually cannot go for it as it may require lots of  support work  , which may not be their priortiy right now .

So , in case they want to have a new latest version of the apex instance on the same database they cannot go for it , unless they have a new db instance for it or upgrade the older one .

Can we use the same oracle http server for two different oracle apex instances residing on the two different databases ?

Yes , you can use the same oracle http server for two different instance of the apex residing on the two different databases , but only thing is that you need to create a new dad.conf file for the another extra instance and configure it .

In case you have Oracle Database installed , now you need to do the following  steps to just set up Oracle APEX enabled in your environment or enable it with full functionality .