Friday, October 15, 2010

The Proactiveness Plays a crucial role in life.

Hi ,

In short i wanna describe that , Proactiveness can find paths & solve ur hurdles.

I used to Post the Queries in the Otn forums , thats how , i got to know a very good person .

He is working in a top most leading organization in IT sector , he used to answer my queries, though he never worked on technical side , he was just a consultant , he was too good techinically .

He always used to respond to my queries and then i statred mailing him on his gmail id , which i found on his blog .

Then one day when i was in need and was unable to get any solution , then i found his contact details from teh same company he was working along with my colleague who was on Deputation there .

Thats how , i built a rapport with him .

Since the day i started communicating with him , i learnt many things in life.

How to face situations .
How to enjoy Life .
What should be ur priority .
How to approach for solution to the problem .

He is the man who lives the life to the fullest .

I treat him as my mentor , at times when i had fallen sick , he had treated me like his child and cared for me.

I have no words to describe him , he is simply down to earth , simple , great guy i have ever met ..... :)

I have never ever seen him but i dont know why i think he ressembles like my dad .... :)