Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today's Indian Techies.

Hi All,

This Post is for every one. Especially for the one who belongs to todays famous trend in India (Techy). Its the Blog which can make all of us get communicated with each other.

Each of us is especial , each of us is unique . So, here is the Platform to let others know how are u unique from others.

hmmmm, if u r thinking that its something kind of "pravachan" and all , huh ! then u r taking me wrong.

I know that u will agree that most of the time we spend is in office and in day to day life we get inspired by some one or we inspire some body . So, we know that we can be inspiration for
somebody , though some times we don't consider that we can .

Each of has might have experienced something unique in our life which can make us a unique from others , no matter how funny or how great is it . I think Both are equal as both require Guds.

Most of us from college, get into a MNC , we may be in touch with each other , but we still dont know wt technology they are working . How is there experience of working.

Most of us come across various situations , it can be help full ,if we post it .

No Matter let it be techincal or personal , any funny experience any struggled time.

I welcome and appreciate the Post .

We can learn alot from the sourrounding we got .

Lets contribute and learn from the most Talented People among our-self.

Posted by,
Nandini Thakur.