Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Custom Help Link Creation Using PLSQL in APEX .

to Display the Custom Help Link Page in your Apex apllication Follow 3 simple Steps :-

1) Create the Page which u wanna open as help , Create a Dynamic PLSQL Region on it .

Copy and Paste the following PLSQL code in it.

p_flow_id => :APP_ID,
p_flow_step_id => :REQUEST,
p_before_page_html=>' this is the messafge displayed before actual message HEllo ',
p_after_page_html=>'after page html the data is as fiollowed ',
p_before_region_html => '
p_after_prompt_html => ' hello this is after Prompt html ');

2) Create a Main Page , Create the Navigation BAR link ex:- Need Help Click Here .

While creating this , Set the REQUEST field as :APP_PAGE_ID. & specify the Page to navigate as ur Help Page number.

Run the main Page and click on the Naviagtion .

For Example Refer .....
and click on help for using the apllication .

U can add pass values to different parameters available in the HElp function .

Either to display it on Item level , Region Level , Page Level .

Nandini Thakur.