Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mobile Application in Oracle APEX

I am eagerly waiting for the apex 4.2 release it is just simple out of this world.
I had attended the siminar on the mobile application creation which was published in linked in , it was live and was just wonderful.
He had answered my all questions.
On the same day i had created this application in just next 2 hours .
It is just very very raw, i was too lazy to enhance it more :P
I was amazed with this.
The changes were not major when it comes to implementing the fucntionality, but the changes were only @ theme side, thats template level changes.
we have to simple include few jquery mobile libaray which are comptaible with our apex version and the use it , we can use all possible  mobile widgets and functioanlities available.
I was looking more deeper in it , one day saw a tutorial on oracle site to create data loader functionality.
I came across a screen shot that has a  mobile theme radio button befopre we choose a page , i quciky looked into all versions which i was holding but @last came to know that it is gona b released in apex 4.2.
Hence stopped worrying about the mobile themes any more as i know that oracle will do its best for it :P.
Eagerly waiting for Oracle APEX 4.2 . Please come fast come :P