Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Exploring few Oracle apex 4.1 features

Yesterday i was exploring Oracle apex 4.1, i was amazed with new features included .
Thanks to Oracle team for making Developer's  life easier :D
when ever i thought there is a particular problem with Oracle apex and i see it getting resolved with a very qucik release of new version :P.
Its great to see Oracle APEX is in BOOM  ...:P
1) Interactive Reports :-
* Email functionality has been included in the options.
* HTML download
*Enhanced Flash charts
2) Lists :-
This was the most wonderful option i had seen , i have not used it much in earlier versions so not aware of what is new , but i found many things as interesting.
I cud see that this one particular list cud act as n no of page components like
1) drop down menu ( this is awesome)
2)horizontal train
3) vertical wizard
4) tree with + symbol
5) Tree without + symbol
3) wizard based page is more enhanced .
4)feedback page i have implemented very first time , so but not aware a upgrades , but i found it to b grt .
5)Application level items are the items on the page levels, these can b used acrross application with :item_name, these are many used as cookies or the global variable for the security purpose.
6)Access Control administration :-
It s a page with a tabular form to add user to default access tables and a region to change the view mode of the application .
I need to have more detail of it .
7)Utilities :- These are just highlights of the apex 4.1 , the utilities are actually made  into two levels , one is @ application level
and another @sql workshop level.
Utilites @ application level :-
1) application dashboard :- it displays report of the application with respect to different aspects , component , security,page type,overview,application component.
2)change history:- It will list out the changes made , insert , alters, acess everything in detail this was not there before.
3)Recently updated pages
4)Export Repository
5)Debug Messages
7) Upgrade application is to upgrade few upgradable regions or items of the applications like charts , reports wihtout ny coding just a click on upgarde.
8)Attribute dirictory
9)apex views
SQL    Workshop Utilities
1) Query  Builder with less bugs.
2)Repository as usual
3)Generate DDL
 5) Methods on tables , this will generate  all the possible methods on the table give then table name.  It include  md5 checksum . which c is awesome feature of it .
6)User Interface defaults
7)Manage Table dictionary
8)schema comparision
9) Object reports