Friday, October 15, 2010

I was told by mgr that i need to Oracle Apex, i started learning it , but i had to learn it myself as we had only one resource with minimum knowledge of it.
The days were on ...and i started learning it .

Oracle Apex 3.2 (Application Express) is the new technology by oracle , which is used for
developing the RAPID application. The tool was simple to understand.

The technologies which are required for this are :-

2)Java script

i wanted to do something which combines both Oracle and Java ,m and here is how my dream en i come true when i got into Oracle Fusion MiddleWare Team.

hmmm...though Oracle Apex is not part of FMW, but i got an oppurtunity to work on it.

One fine day , i was given a task, as i was new to this technology i was unaware of many things in , i search on forums atlast i posted it .

I got an reply from a person called "Shijesh".

hmmm i got an answer & my task was done. but again after certain days i faced the problem i searched for result , i got the List of ShijeshKumar blog.

Then i realised what are the diiferent things in apex and what all can be done.
I mailed him my query regarding ajax by using his email id on blog . He suggested me few things but i had never wrote the ajax program hence iu requested him to explain and tell me how to implement .I got the very positive reply from him.

I got an confidence to share my difficulties with him, thats how he responded to many of my queries .

Then on a project i had to move to Pune, there again i was struggling with the difficulty and then i had to search for his contact .

He had given a brief description of himself during a chat, then this clue made me to get his number theu one of my friend who is into same company.

Then he replied me . This is how he statred mentoring me . As it was my first project and welacked a senior resource , he mentored me so perfectly .He used to answer all my stupid questions and make them clear. There are many things i learnt from him .

He is b around 50 , but he just too good, cool , simple, settled.I have seen many common things among us .

One day i came to know that he is nor from developer background or Engineering Science
in his whole life time, he is just a consultant .

When i asked him how did u learn this , he said "I dont want developers to cheat him ,so he learnt".

He has tremedous positive waves in him that inspired me and was just there online or on a call moment i call him or ping online.

Then slowoly i described about mine and then abt his , i wasn't believing wt he said.
He said that

The Proactiveness Plays a crucial role in life.

Hi ,

In short i wanna describe that , Proactiveness can find paths & solve ur hurdles.

I used to Post the Queries in the Otn forums , thats how , i got to know a very good person .

He is working in a top most leading organization in IT sector , he used to answer my queries, though he never worked on technical side , he was just a consultant , he was too good techinically .

He always used to respond to my queries and then i statred mailing him on his gmail id , which i found on his blog .

Then one day when i was in need and was unable to get any solution , then i found his contact details from teh same company he was working along with my colleague who was on Deputation there .

Thats how , i built a rapport with him .

Since the day i started communicating with him , i learnt many things in life.

How to face situations .
How to enjoy Life .
What should be ur priority .
How to approach for solution to the problem .

He is the man who lives the life to the fullest .

I treat him as my mentor , at times when i had fallen sick , he had treated me like his child and cared for me.

I have no words to describe him , he is simply down to earth , simple , great guy i have ever met ..... :)

I have never ever seen him but i dont know why i think he ressembles like my dad .... :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today's Indian Techies.

Hi All,

This Post is for every one. Especially for the one who belongs to todays famous trend in India (Techy). Its the Blog which can make all of us get communicated with each other.

Each of us is especial , each of us is unique . So, here is the Platform to let others know how are u unique from others.

hmmmm, if u r thinking that its something kind of "pravachan" and all , huh ! then u r taking me wrong.

I know that u will agree that most of the time we spend is in office and in day to day life we get inspired by some one or we inspire some body . So, we know that we can be inspiration for
somebody , though some times we don't consider that we can .

Each of has might have experienced something unique in our life which can make us a unique from others , no matter how funny or how great is it . I think Both are equal as both require Guds.

Most of us from college, get into a MNC , we may be in touch with each other , but we still dont know wt technology they are working . How is there experience of working.

Most of us come across various situations , it can be help full ,if we post it .

No Matter let it be techincal or personal , any funny experience any struggled time.

I welcome and appreciate the Post .

We can learn alot from the sourrounding we got .

Lets contribute and learn from the most Talented People among our-self.

Posted by,
Nandini Thakur.